With an ever-growing variety of diets and cookbooks promoting healthy eating and a different diet, the weight loss industry continues to grow larger every year. If you’re someone who is actively trying to lose weight, you may have tried many different diets, fitness plans, or maybe the more extreme methods such as diet pills and haven’t got the results you want. It can be very disheartening, but recent studies exploring the benefits of CBD have shown a possible link between intake and as an aid to weight loss.

It might be easy to have a preconceived idea that CBD may not be the best for weight loss, this idea will likely stem from cannabis traditionally increasing appetite – a reaction often nicknamed the ‘munchies’. However, this is actually down to high levels of THC in cannabis, which causes an increased appetite, make you more hungry and eat more calories than you’re normally capable of doing. In fact, CBD can actually have quite the opposite effect. CBD affects our metabolism in three main ways: stimulating the proteins and genes that play a role in the breakdown of dat, boosting the activity and number of mitochondria (which can increase the body’s ability to burn calories, and the ability to turn white adipose (fat) tissue to brown tissue. Brown fat tissue contains a much higher volume of mitochondria than white fat tissue, meaning it can facilitate more energy production. It can also help to control obesity, by diverting excess fat into heat production.

How does CBD work?

We’ve mentioned how CBD works within the body in our previous articles. It has the ability to boost the endocannabinoid system’s function by binding with proteins that break down natural cannabinoids, thus increasing their volume in the body. As cannabinoid receptors scattered around the body help to control some of our body’s functions, one of them being appetite, taking in CBD can help to normalise these functions if they are not working effectively. A better functioning endocannabinoid system can result in higher quality sleep, as well as feeling more refreshed in the morning and during the day. Having more energy first thing in the morning and during the day may mean you’ll feel more energetic to exercise and therefore burn off extra calories.

CBD To Help Regulate Appetite

Researchers have suggested CBD might be more useful in controlling appetite since another weight loss product once existed that uses a similar theory. A weight loss product that was once on the market contained both CBD and THC, aimed to completely block CB1 receptors in order to prevent the ‘munchies’ from occurring. However, the weight loss product was plagued with complaints of increased rates of anxiety and depression in those who were taking it. This is most likely down to the THC content, as CBD helps the endocannabinoid system to function well, and this system controls mood and can be beneficial for mental health. CBD is a weak antagonist for CB1 receptors, which means it can block receptor signals, like the feeling of an increased appetite.

CBD Can Help You Enjoy Exercise

Furthermore, there is also evidence to suggest that high levels of anandamide, the body’s natural and most prevalent cannabinoid, are produced during exercise – thought to be the cause of ‘runner’s high’ – a feeling of euphoria during and after a bout of long aerobic exercise. This feeling is often highly sought after, so increasing your levels of natural cannabinoids by taking CBD oil may help to make this state more achievable and more frequently. This increased feeling of euphoria during and after exercise can make it easier and more enjoyable to work out, thus helping to encourage you to be more active and help in the weight loss battle.


The key to losing weight is to look at it from all angles. It’s a combination of eating healthy, getting the right amount of quality exercise and, in some cases, managing medical conditions that might leave you susceptible to putting on weight easily. Once you are achieving the basics, then it might be wise to add in CBD oil to give you that extra edge to help you reach your fitness goals. There definitely needs to be more research done on this topic to say for sure how much, if at all CBD helps with weight loss, but so far studies have suggested it may be a helpful tool for those trying to reach a healthier weight.