Natural CBD Oil UK

High quality, Liposomal CBD oil

The Benefits of CBD Oil

Reduces Pain & Inflammation

helping those suffering with painful & often chronic conditions. *3

Protects the Brain & Calms the Nervous System

help calming the nervous system by preventing toxic neurotransmitter buildup. *2&6

Balances Your Mood & Reduce Anxiety

targets serotonin receptors in the brain to balance mood & anxiety. *4

Reduction in Excitability in the Brain

calming effects on the brain has been shown as a viable method for reducing epileptic seizures. *1

Strengthen Immunity

helping your body produce more damage fighting antioxidants safeguarding your health. *5

A little bit about us


CBD oil has exploded in popularity over the last few months as it has garnered more and more attention from the press. But as its popularity has risen, as has the amount of brands out there with their own unique version.

At The Mayfair Clinic, we have been recommending CBD oil since 2015, as a means to help our patients outside of the clinic. Traditionally dealing with conditions affecting the spine, we would suggest CBD oil to help our patients deal with everything from pain relief, trouble sleeping and stress.

At the clinic, we pride ourselves on being able to source the most effective and highest quality treatments and supplements for our patients. We started to notice our patients recommending the CBD oil and purchasing the product on behalf of their friends and family. In founding Natural CBD Oil UK, we are able to share this CBD oil with everyone across the UK – providing an oil that is a superior quality and absorption compared to other CBD oils on the market.

Bio Availability Matters

High quality liposomal delivery is the gold standard for increasing absorption!

Method of Extraction

CO2 extraction is best. A low temperature & safe extraction method.

Pure CBD Oil Only

Avoid CBD oil ‘combined’ with superfoods, this usually means less CBD.

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What Customers Are Saying

“I’ve taken this amazing CBD supplement every night before going to bed…CBD is awesome to reduce chronic inflammation, it certainly did work for me” – Geoffrey

“I bought this CBD oil for my dad last winter, after many winters of illness and worry I thought it would be worth a shot, having read up on it. He was absolutely fine throughout the whole winter which was a huge relief for me and him! Highly recommend!” – Lara

“I’ve gotten a big part of my life back! I have more energy and I find it much easier to cope emotionally when I have a bad day. I get much more sleep as well which makes me calm – and I haven’t had a panic attack for a couple of weeks!” – Lovisa

“I’ve found this CBD oil to really help my sleeping…compared with other I’ve tried in the past, it works quickly and I feel it works more effectively” – Nicola


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